Gutter Cleaning

Why Winter is the Time for Gutter Cleaning

February 16, 2017
Clogged gutters

Winter is when your gutters can get the most clogged

Many homeowners are advised to have their gutters cleaned two times per year. Tree debris from the fall continues to cause problems in winter, when snow and ice compund the weight and mass of clogs.

Snow on top of clogged gutters will damage your roof

If your gutters are clogged, the effects of winter storms to your home are amplified. Clogged gutters can't let water and snow pass off your roof, so ice blockages can form and cause damage to your shingles. Not to mention, accumulating water that can't flow through gutters can cause other roof damage, deterioration, and leaks.

Each season brings unique challenges. It's a great idea to have your gutters cleaned in the spring and in the fall, but if you're behind on home maintenance there's no better time than now. You definitely want to have your gutters checked before a major snowstorm hits.

Let GEM help. Sign up for a gutter evaluation and pre-book your annual gutter maintenance for VIP service discounts: click here. Don't wait — get on the schedule today!

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